Functional PostScript

What is FPS? A portable system for doing device and resolution independent graphics from Scheme programs. Here's a brief overview.

FPS is not .. FPS is not a Scheme to PostScript compiler!


What can you do with FPS? Here are the ten example programs included with the package in the file fps-examples.scm. Check out some FPS code and pictures!


This short tutorial is a must-read if you want to want to play with FPS. It helps you get started and gives a flavor of what you can do with the package.

Reference Manual

This reference manual has documentation on each of the procedures provided by the FPS package. The ASCII text version is presented here. It's a fairly long document so it will take me a while to finish webifying it.

Release Announcement This release announcement was posted on comp.lang.scheme and comp.lang.scheme.scsh on Halloween 1996.

Porting Notes

If you are interested in porting FPS to other Schemes, check out this page for a list of non R4RS dependencies in FPS.

Get a copy has lots of scheme stuff available for anonymous ftp. FPS is in the pub/su/scsh/contrib/fps directory in gzip format.

Getting in Touch Feel free to mail questions, suggestions, bug reports, and weather updates in California to

Copyright (c) 1996 by Wandy Sae-Tan and Olin Shivers